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NarNar Jump is a Runner game for the Ludum Dare 34.

You control NarNar, a nice little pet,
Your goal if to evolve thanks to the food present is in the street.
But NarNar is a little diffucult with his foods.

When NarNar is lv1, he want to taste each food he can find, so Mushroom, Chicken and Maki, but be careful Fishbones aren't food.
Once you eat 5 times, NarNar will evolve, his tastebuds will become more refined, reducing the number of foods NarNar can enjoy,
At lv2 he wil not be able to eat Mushroom anymore, and at Lv3 his taste is so rafined he can only eat Maki.
Eating an edible food will give you 1xp, when you hit 5xp NarNar level up.

If NarNar is in difficulty, he can transform one of his experience points into a fireball who will destroy all walls it come into.

If NarNar eat a bad food, he will downgrade, the same if he hurt a wall.

Your goal is to preserve NarNar's grow. For helping you in this quest, when NarNar eat 3 foods, he gain a shield, it protect you from a downgrade, but you loose all of your xp.


SPACE for jump

ENTER for fireball

Or with an XBOX 360 controller:

A for jump

B for fireball


NarNarJump.rar 9 MB

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